Muay Thai Boxing, Koh Samui

Tonight Luke and I went to watch some Muay Thai boxing. First time either of us had seen boxing live and I had no idea what to expect.

We arrived waaay too early – my usual strategy to ensure seats no matter what the occasion. We ended up walking around a nearby open air market for a while and filming some of the vendors and the tasty-looking food.

The boxing was supposed to start at 9 but that seems to be when people started arriving. We bought tickets (1000 baht or $35 each) and took our seats on a bench. It was a stadium about as big as 4 basketball courts with the ring in the middle. The seating filled up with tourists, mainly but as the night went on more Thai people arrived. The first match was between 2 boys who looked like they were just out of primary school. Thai fighting involves a lot of kneeing and elbows as well as the usual punching. The contenders seemed to spend a lot of time viciously hugging each other and having to be split up by the ref.

We didn’t stay til the end, it was interesting but I was getting tired. We walked back along the beach and Ark Bar was very easy to spot in the distance, radiating light and lasers and quite dreadful music. So much squealing saxophone! From our room right now it’s all clearly audible. Our years of sleeping through festivals is paying off in unexpected ways. It’s been so long since I last traveled I’d forgotten about the noise factor. Noisy neighbours, noisy nightclubs, noisy traffic… if you need silence to sleep don’t travel!


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