Weird Pizza

So after the crushing disappointment of not being able to go on the tour we wanted today, we sat around on the internet all morning catching up on blog stuff then caught a cab to the local mall to watch a movie – that one about Oz. The name already escapes me.

Before the movie we got lunch. There’s a food court at the mall and almost all the shops serve a variety of noodle and rice dishes but we felt like something familiar. Now, before you judge me harshly know that Pizza Hut is the fast food of my childhood and I *hardly ever* eat it. In fact… I’m sure it’s been at least a decade but I still have occasional moments of nostalgia when I recall the taste (I said don’t judge me!).

Anyhow, eating at known names and finding that things aren’t *quite* the same as you expect is a fun experience so we gave it a go.

I ended up having a pizza with the following on it: cheese (so far, so good), tuna, crab sticks, gherkins, pineapple and (if that wasn’t weird enough) thousand island dressing instead of tomato sauce.

And you know what? It really wasn’t that bad.

2 thoughts on “Weird Pizza

  1. Lovely to hear your news Amanda. I love the videos – they tell so much more than just the words. I know I will be hopeless keeping up to date with your travels but I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Enjoy the good and the bad! No trip will ever be like this one! By the way I love the dress you had made. Do you think Mandy had one made the same?
    Di Beardall

    • I only saw the tops Mandy had made so I’m not sure. I’ll definitely be wearing some of mine to work, although not the very elaborate silk one… unless I can think of an appropriate Book Week character;).
      Thanks for reading!

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