Birthday in Bangkok

Yesterday was my 37th birthday. Now, it may not be obvious, but I do actually try not to fill this whole blog with talk of food and photos of food and just generally raving about food… but you’re going to have to bear with me for this post because pretty much all we did on this particular day was eat.

We started off the day with the buffet breakfast. I’ve become pretty good with resisting the urge to eat myself sick at buffets since there’s been one pretty much everywhere we’ve stayed so far but I have never seen anything like Lebua’s!

We estimated that if you lined up all the separate tables there’d be about 25 metres of dishes to choose from. Five cuisines were on offer – Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Western. Western included all the usual bacon, sausages, eggs, cereal etc but also a make-it-yourself salad bar, cheese board, meat platters… it seemed never ending! Two rooms of food that included a pizza oven for toasting whichever of the 20 or so types of bread you’d like and individual pots of jam and honey.

Breakfast sushi, anyone?

I love food but this was getting a bit silly.

Cereal tracklements! My favourites – toasted hazelnuts and prunes.

My strategy with this sort of thing is to get tiny helpings of all the things I think I’d like and then go back for more of the stuff I really enjoyed but there was no chance of that happening. I was impressed that Luke finished off with a plate of 5 different pastries but by the time we left we were both a bit worse for wear.

This guy’s job was to grill as much bacon and as many sausages as you liked and carve the giant hams. Tough gig.

Back to the room to digest with a bit of reading time and a shower before a quick trip out to buy me a dress for the evening then back to Breeze Restaurant for high tea. We’d decided to spend the day making the most of the hotel facilities and lazing about and achieved this quite spectacularly. We spent two hours drinking cocktails and eating all kinds of cured meat, cheeses, chocolates and cake. There might have been a slice of fruit in there somewhere.

When we got back to the room we found a note, some cutlery and a tiny birthday cake in the fridge, compliments of the hotel! Then we spent an hour dressing up as nicely as we could and  headed up for dinner.

The view was marvellous and we were the first ones up there. The open air restaurant and bar quickly filled up. Apparently it was featured in the movie The Hangover 2, which I hadn’t seen. They had a ‘Hangovertini’, which Luke ordered and which was surprisingly nice. Both our meals were delicious, though pretty pricey – top end Melbourne prices – and we couldn’t justify a bottle of wine. After the band played me ‘Happy Birthday’ and another surprise cake came out, this time courtesy of Luke, we went back to our room and Luke ducked out to buy some much cheaper wine and we watched some IT Crowd and Community before drifting off into a very deep sleep with slightly aching stomachs.

I’d written a bunch of postcards in the afternoon and kept wishing everyone I knew was here to spend the day with us, but that was the only way it could’ve been any more enjoyable. Truly, I think this will be one of the highlights of my trip.

Good times!

9 thoughts on “Birthday in Bangkok

  1. Oh my goodness that buffet looks AMAZING! 😀 I have a belly ache just looking at all the things I would have eaten. What a wonderful birthday! Happy HCTP Birthday! xx Gorgeous dress too!

  2. That dress looks great and goes well with the way you have done your hair. I am glad to hear you had such a great birthday, almost as good as the time I made you that cake 😀

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