Last Night in Budapest.

I mentioned about a week ago that we’d met two Americans when we were staying in Munich. Daniel and Maggie burst into our dorm room with mugs they’d stolen from the Hofbrauhaus and we knew right away they were our kind of people. Both of them are super friendly and outgoing and told us that if we made it to Budapest, where they are studying, they would meet up with us.

Last night we arranged to meet them at Szimpla Kertmozi, Budapest’s oldest ruin pub and surely one of the town’s most unusually decorated buildings. There is a big central courtyard with all kinds of things hanging from the walls and then there are two stories of rooms and little bars and all kinds of weird and interesting spaces.

We sat down and had a drink and Maggie and her friend Steph arrived first, then Daniel shortly after. We tried some… polinska, I think it was called, a raspberry flavoured liquor that is done as a shot. Maggie recommended it but it turned out to be a different drink to the one she’d known and didn’t taste quite as expected (was strong though!).

From the left, Daniel, Steph, Maggie and Luke.

Later we had a different spirit that was more of an aniseed flavour and that also was extremely strong. Despite the fact that Szimpla had cider on tap (first cider since Melbourne!) I moderated my drinking and was able to get Luke out the door in time to get back to our hotel for 6 or so hour’s sleep before our 5am wake up call.

Luke and Daniel in the uncoveted bathtub couch.

We had a great night with Maggie, Steph and Daniel. Hearing about their travel experiences and how they came to study in Hungary was really interesting. Hopefully we might catch up with them again in the US as they’ll be back by the time we get over there. If you’re reading this, guys, a big thanks from Luke and myself – one of our best nights out so far this year :).

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