Cambridge: a short update.

We’ve been in a bit of a limbo since we got to the UK, as our plans hinged on the promised car/van that a friend was organising for us and apart from one phone call he’s been almost incommunicado since we arrived. He got in contact this afternoon and told us that he has bought a van and needs to pick it up tomorrow and will drive it to Cambridge Wednesday night. Hurrah! We’d spent today researching hire cars and other possible cars to buy off our own bat and it was looking to be an expensive proposition. Not to mention time consuming.

Apart from that we’ve been playing board games, watching tv, and this afternoon we went to Colchester to visit Andrew’s brother and his family. Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk along the river Cam.

Also, I’ve created a new page (which is listed at the top of this page) of the details of our itinerary – it’s a work in progress. It’s mainly for the use of our families and friends who’d like to catch up with us along the way.

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