Quick Update: Gorilla Trekking (also – my 100th post!).

Although there’s a lot to write about what we’ve been doing lately I’ll get into it tomorrow evening and post photos too (internet willing). I just thought I’d post a little update for friends and family to let you all know we’re in Rwanda, it’s really nice here, and we’re going gorilla trekking tomorrow.

Despite the fact that the gorilla trekking is the highlight of this leg of the trip I hadn’t really put much thought into it. I’d assumed that it’d be a bit like the chimp trekking but a longer, more arduous walk, a few gorillas up a tree or something, watch from a distance and trek out. Tonight everyone was talking about how other people they know have been within a metre of them! In some cases even touched by them! I am far more excited now – to think we might be sit right near them and making eye contact… I’m probably getting my hopes up because there is a chance we won’t see them at all, but still! Hugely exciting:).

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Gorilla Trekking (also – my 100th post!).

  1. Hope you’ll be lucky and see lots of gorilla families, should be an amazing experience, wish I could tag along . Looking forward to the photos !

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