Uganda: Mini Golf World Championship (Round 2)

‘Adrift’ at Jinja in Uganda was one of our favourite campsites. They had a bar that overlooked the Nile, hot showers (usually), monkeys, and wifi that worked (usually). There was also bungee jumping and, nearby, mini golf! Luke, Kat and I had played mini golf together in Australia and the Cook Islands so we were keen to have a game in Africa. Leigh, Nikki and Joan joined us on our excursion and so we all bundled into a taxi and made our way there.

Appropriately the park was ‘Big Game’ themed, complete with large fibreglass models of African animals…. and a tiger. Which made for good photo opportunities and, unlike straight-laced Australia, the staff didn’t seem to mind at all when we climbed on top of them.

Tally ho!

Oh noes!

The only tiger in Africa!


The place we went to also ran quad biking tours and the practise laps went around and between the golf holes, adding a certain degree of excitement and petrol fumes that our previous mini golf experiences had lacked.

Joan with some of the lovely local kids.

As the game went on we attracted a small crowd of local kids who were keen to talk and hold our pencils and score sheets. They also posed for photos with us at the end and I coached them in making ‘oooooh’ noises when we missed and ‘yaaaaaay!’ noises when we got the ball in the hole. Their natural inclination seemed to be to stand silently watching but by the end they were clapping and cheering… or laughing at us.

Luke accepts the crowd’s adulation.

As to the scores, Luke won with a blinding 3 holes in 1. Nikki came second (I think) and I’m pretty sure I came last. As far as courses go I would definitely recommend it – if you’re in Uganda and enjoy mini golf don’t miss it!

Proof of victory.

Group photo!

(note: the post events are jumping around a bit at the moment as we’ve had barely any internet over the past two weeks, so rather than posting in chronological order I’m just posting about events as I get the photos ready.)

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