Quick post!

just a place holder as I’ve been super lazy with blogging this week – and also I don’t have a computer to use, which is cramping my style severely.

We’re back in the UK tomorrow, throwing ourselves on Andrew’s mercy again in beautiful Cambridge. It almost feels like going home. Actually, it feels more like going to my parents’ house because he has this totally uncanny ability to immediately notice every tiny crumb I’ve dropped or utensil I’ve moved since he left the house previously. He and my mum would make great housemates. And yes, I know you’re both reading this.

Anyhoo, I’m buying myself a brand new computer when I get there and then I’ll be able to write up all about Portugal, which we’ve quite enjoyed, and the fact that today I saw a man PICK UP DOG POO. In a plastic bag. It was incredible. I kind of wanted to nominate him for some kind of environmental award because I’ve spent most of my ambulatory time in Europe avoiding the excrement of people’s pets and I’d *just* stepped in poo for the first time (knowingly, anyway) on this whole trip – and in my BRAND NEW WHITE SHOES – when I saw this guy and he restored my flagging faith in European humanity.

Thank you random guy with the two huge dogs and the tiny plastic bags. You’re a champion.

2 thoughts on “Quick post!

  1. If you haven’t already bought one I’d advise you to reconsider buying a laptop in the UK, as I recall their keyboards are just different enough from a US keyboard to be REALLY ANNOYING…

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