Spending Time

Travel can’t always be sunshine and uncomfortable beaches. We’ve returned to Cambridge and are having a quiet week. I’m teaching myself to crochet, with surprisingly swift success thanks to YouTube tutorials and enough time to actually focus on it without distractions. I’ve made a rectangle, circles, a square, a ball, and a tube and I’ve been experimenting with different combinations of stitches to make a range of shapes. Although travel is challenging on organisational levels I haven’t acquired a new skill in quite a long time. It’s been a very enjoyable exercise for my brain and it’s also a craft project I can take on a plane, which makes it far more convenient than knitting needles, which everyone knows are the tools of crafty terrorists (boom tish!).

I’ve been annoying people by posting photos of my crocheting on facebook, but since Mum doesn’t use facebook some people are just going to have to admire them twice.

They’re not perfect, but I couldn’t even do a single crochet stitch three days ago so not a bad effort!

Right now I’m just working on technique  and getting my stitches all an even size, but I’m aiming to make a blanket out of squares and some amigurumi dolls.

Luke is sporadically working on videos, we’re both watching lots of Star Trek: The Next Generation (brought on by reading Wil Wheaton’s autobiography and we’re enjoying it enormously) and I’ve been drinking tea and enjoying it for the first time in my whole 37 years. Up to three cups a day! What with the crochet I think I might buy myself a rocking chair when I get home and be done.

3 thoughts on “Spending Time

  1. ROFL that first picture… such a stereotypical british beach… rocks, no one in the water because its freezing, empty chairs because despite being sunny its not actually warm….

    I havent watched TNG in ages, I could never be bothered to go thru the whole lot as I used to watch it alot when it was on TV while I was in high school so I’ve seen quite a few of them already…Oddly, I think i actually watched the last episode ever first, which was a great episode but didnt make a lot of sense at the time without much of the character context. I recommend Deep space 9 once youre done with TNG, if youre after more good sci fi – but probably skip the first 2 seasons (maybe 3?) except for the first couple of episodes of season 1 for story setup.

    • I’ve never watched any Star Trek series fully, but what small bits I’ve seen I’ve enjoyed. The first episode of TNG is the worst in the entire series (I can say that definitively even though I’m only up to the second season out of seven), but it picks up steam as it goes along and becomes highly enjoyable. I may try DS9 next, though I do want to watch the original series and some of the movies I’ve missed.

  2. The first episode of TNG was the worst, it’s been growing on us ever since. So much of it is hilarious! May well watch DS9.. see if we’ve got time. Little Will Wheaton is so cute! And watching it with Andrew is fun – he knows all the back story and detail.

    It was warm on the beach! Well… sort of..

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