New York: Feeling Sick.

Not sick of New York, just a bit ill… either that or there’s a whole lot of dust in this apartment, because I’ve been sniffling and sneezing (so much sneezing!) since we got here. Asthma too, so it may well be dust.

Today we’re meeting up with Jess and Fred, friends from Melbourne who are on their way to Canada, where Fred is from and Jess used to live. Tomorrow we might also be catching up with another Melbourne friend, Will F, who is also here on holiday. Small, small world. We knew we’d see a few friends while we were overseas but the number has grown to be truly surprising.

So due to feeling sick I haven’t had the urge to update much, but there’s a giant backlog of photos, so hopefully I won’t be allergic to our new accommodation in Brooklyn and will get a chance to write down all my impressions of New York.

2 thoughts on “New York: Feeling Sick.

  1. Do hope that you’re feeling better soon, it’s not fair to be sick in New York – so much to see. However, a few days of rest will probably allow your body to re charge.

    • I am! Moving to a dust-free apartment has helped hugely. I had my suspicion that it might’ve been the bachelor pad that was to blame;). We’re seeing lots but having lots of early nights too. It’s been nice to not do too much ‘partying’ and just sightsee. Our livers needed a break after the UK;)

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