Nearly Home

I could write about being in Oakland but instead it’s just hit me this morning that our travel days are now down to single digits. One more night in Oakland, two in LA, four in NZ and then we’ll land in Sydney. Mum has arranged to fly us back from Sydney airport to Orange. It’ll save us hanging around in Sydney all day and having to get across the city then spend 4 or 5 hours on a bus back. The plane takes less than an hour so we’ll be in Orange by 5pm.

My housemate, Jess, just posted to Facebook a picture of my dog sitting on her bed in my empty bedroom and all of a sudden I could smell the familiar smells of home and feel the boards under my feet and just couldn’t wait to be there. It’s a wonderful luxury to travel for so long that home is an exciting destination.

I wish I’d thought to take a few photos of my house and my family with me when I went travelling. People are always interested to hear about how others live. Hence the popularity of blogging, I suppose. Right now I am looking forward to everything familiar with a longing I haven’t felt in over a decade.

I wonder how long the newness of being home will last?


16 thoughts on “Nearly Home

  1. Penny put a tennis ball only he’d next toy sleeping face at 7:30 this morning… It’s hard to be cranky cuz she’s just so darn excitable and cute… It is however easy to ignore because I’m lazy and want more time in bed 😉 14 sleeps!! 😀

  2. Will you just be staying in the airport now in between your flights? Are you there for long?

    I am hopefully buying a car this week… just waiting for the seller to get the roadworthy done 🙂

  3. My old next-door neighbour sent me a photo of the current state of my (ex) garden. I could smell the earth and the plants, and see the view over the back fence and hear the sounds of my niehgbourhood all in my head. It made me a little homesick and sad that I chose to leave that lovely life behind. It{s someone else’s garden now. Someone else’s home. If I do go back to Tassie to settle I’ll be starting again somewhere new, and that thought does make me sad as life in the Cottage was pretty damn special (Marcus, my neighbour, says he’s trying to keep the weeds under control for me, so I can come back. Not sure how the current tenants would feel about that!)

  4. Wow, unreal! The countdown to actually leaving must have been the most exciting thing ever – now to think you’ve been counting down the days till you leave for home! It’s a real interesting point you make about bringing pictures from home with you. You have been posting about your traveling life so much, and for the most part, for people who know you and your home life..But those you meet on your travels only know you as a traveler, and that’s all you know them as too. Anyway, it’ll be awesome to catch up again with you in person – wow, so soon now!! 😀

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