Vietnam and Thailand: Going Away For My 40th.

It’s been awhile between posts lately, with work taking over every waking moment. I have been planning though – because we all like to have something exciting on the horizon, even if it’s years away. After our last big trip I decided that I’d like to go away for my 40th, and go back to some of the places I’d enjoyed in Asia, but this time with friends. I gave everyone two year’s notice and now I have over 20 people coming along for different parts of the trip. Very exciting! 

So, the trip itself is going to be in three parts. Eight days in Hoi An (in Vietnam) and then five nights in Bangkok then a night in Koh Samui before taking a ferry to Koh Phanang for ten days. Unlike our last sight-seeing trip, this one is all about relaxing – with some trips to the tailors, a cooking class or two and some shopping thrown in. 

We leave on the 23rd of March at 1:25am, so the first group are meeting in the city for dinner on the 22nd before heading to the airport. There’s eight people going to Vietnam, including my brother and his friend Matt. Everyone else is joining us in Thailand. 

This Sunday I’m having an information session (so professional!) at my house to answer questions and make sure everyone is on the same page. After that I have school camp for four days, then a few days for packing and last minute organisation the we’re off! 

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