Hoi An Part Two: Tailors and a Cooking Class

Our second day in Hoi An (the first full day) was spent mainly by the pool. We had planned to start our trips to the tailors but it was fortunate we didn’t because it was the only day that was warm enough to swim. Since then the weather has been very overcast and around 22 degrees. We’re not complaining though, shopping and getting clothes made is far more fun in cooler weather. 

I decided to go back to Aobaba, the tailor I used last time. I took in my pile of fabric and dresses to be copied and ended up getting nine dresses, two pairs of shorts and two tops based on things I already owned. Having the fabric already chosen streamlined the process enormously. If I could give a tip to anyone coming here for the purpose of getting clothes made, it would be to have a very clear idea of what you want before you arrive but be open to possibilities.

On the third day we all assembled early for a cooking class. First we took a boat to the market, which is only five minutes away. We walked around the market and were shown fruit and vegetables we didn’t recognise, then took the boat back to the hotel. 

The class was fun but less hands-on than the one I did last time I was in Hoi An. Mainly chopping and stirring. Everyone enjoyed it and we ended up with an enormous pile of food. We made prawn spring rolls, savoury pancakes, green mango salad and grilled fish in banana leaves. Everything contained ‘pork powder’ so we enlisted some help buying some to ship back so we can make an authentic Vietnamese banquet for everyone when we get home… If we can find all the other ingredients. 


4 thoughts on “Hoi An Part Two: Tailors and a Cooking Class

  1. So far I have not managed to make any of the dishes I have done in cooking classes!

    Also, the photo with the money in it just reminded me that the dong was the most confusing currency ever. Several mistakes were made in not converting correctly or handing over the wrong denomination.

  2. Pork powder? Is that a dried pork stock? I take it vegetarian dishes are out, in that case? I wonder if there’s a suitable alternative – or maybe it’s just left out. Hmm!

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