Travel Advice Wanted!

Last time we did a Big Trip we found that people offered us suggestions for things to do just as we were leaving each place, so. I thought this time I’d make a post listing where we are going well in advance so we could actually make the most of all the good advice. I’ll be spending May and June travelling by myself then Luke will join me towards the end of June.

May: Lake District (the Cumbria Way)

May: Cambridge (the Beer Festival) Belfast (BBC music festival and some walking and sight-seeing)

June: walking in the UK

July: Croatia (Zadir and Split) then Italy (Rome, Naples and Amalfi Coast) then Switzerland.

August: Lyon, Nice, Paris, Colmar.

September: UK and Ireland.

October: Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Koh Phanang)

So lay those recommendations on me!

5 thoughts on “Travel Advice Wanted!

  1. I did the Cumbria Way years ago. That was in February; hopefully you’ll get better weather in May! I’m trying to think whether I have any helpful hints. What sort of accommodation will you be using? May, June and September are great months to choose for walking here, although of course we’re always hostage to the weather here.

    • I have a tent that I’ll be bringing with me, but I’m hoping to use hostels or bnbs at least every third night or if the weather is awful. I was thinking of stopping in each place for two or three nights and doing short local walks in between each leg. I’ve been debating whether to bring hiking boots or gortex trail running shoes, which are lighter and take up less space. Do you think boots are an absolute essential?

      • No. I don’t think boots are essential. The Cumbria Way is mostly a fairly low level route with a couple of high passes. The only issue would be the odd boggy bits on the hills where the high ankle of a boot would more definitely keep your feet dry, but personally, I would risk it.

        • Thank you! That’s super helpful advice. After the Lakes I don’t think I’ll have any proper hiking to do so not carrying boots around will save lots of bag space. Hopefully in a month things will have warmed up slightly:-).
          I’m keen to see some bluebell woods and daffodils during May – do you know of any good spots in Cumbria or Lancashire that would be worth getting to? I’m hoping they’re not done by then.

          • Daffodils will be finished by then, I would think. Bluebells not however. I would guess that the first part of the Cumbria Way would take you through some woods which are likely to have Bluebells. There’s an open hillside on Loughrigg above Grasmere where we’ve seen bluebells.

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