Blog Giveaway! Edit: comp is now closed!

We are going to visit CERN in the next couple of days. If you would like a postcard from CERN (assuming they sell them) leave a comment telling us which country is top of your travel bucket list and why! Also if we don’t have your address send us that too, obviously:-).

31 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway! Edit: comp is now closed!

  1. Top of my bucket list is Norway.. I want to see the northern lights so bad.. Also.. it’s a stunning stunning country… But i’ll probs never get there.. dreaming is all I have…

  2. Oh please one for the Wilsons! I always love your postcards and the the LHC is a bit special to our family ❤

    11 Wickham St
    Brighton Q 4017

    • Oh, and to answer your question – This is so difficult. If kids weren’t in the picture, i’d love to travel with Pete to Iceland. With the kids, Bribie Island (it’s an island off the qld coast that’s connected by a rickety old bridge – we’d joke we were going overseas for a holiday when I was little) 😉

  3. Croatia used to be on my bucket list but after your recent posts I’m not sure any more. Iceland maybe because it seems pretty?

  4. Me me me!

    Funnily enough it’s Switzerland. Coz that’s where My family heritage is from and I’d love to go see my family crest (Deppeler) in the flesh :).

    I’ll PM you my address.

  5. Ireland! Music!

    But also now definitely Switzerland and Italy because of your posts… views and Pizza!

    Another that I’ve always wanted to relax and do nothing at is Bora Bora. Stupidly expensive but so pristine. I’ll never actually go. Too many other more affordable places to go first.

    Send one to my class? Xx

  6. Yay for CERN Visit 😀 looking forward to those pics, Snowboarding in Japan has been at the top of my list for years now, but followed by the old citys of Turkey and there beaches,
    12 Oakley st Mt Dandenong 3767
    Thank you

  7. Oh, pick me, pick me!

    Obviously home to Scotland is #1 on my list always, but if I had to pick somewhere else, it would have to be Iceland. Black beaches where blocks of ice wash up, dark skies, breathtaking scenery? Bring it on! (I’d also take the Faroe Islands for being similarly ruggedly gorgeous)

  8. Ermgd yes!
    Japan (And not Jake’s mum like autocorrect tried to suggest). The culture has always intrigued me… plus kobe beef.

  9. Ooh! I’d love a postcard from CERN!

    The country I’d like to visit the most is Brazil. I’d love a trip up the Amazon. I’m not sure how realistic that is for me, but maybe I’ll get up the nerve in my older age!

  10. Greece… because Greece… duh! Ive been reading about it for 20 years… i wanna see the damn place (and remember it.. i went when I was six.. remember nothing).

    Pls send card from Big Hard-on Collider 😀

  11. That place looks absolutely amazing, been loving the photos and been looking forward to hearing the stories or reading them if I learn how to.

      • At the moment I would love to go to New York for the Architecture, Food and to meet my friend again. However with my injury and financial setbacks its caused might not be something I can do for while now.

        Once I have a partner to travel with I would probably consider going to France also for the architecture, art and to see my cousin over there. Alternatively I would also travel as a photography or video project and create a book or film but that would require a lot more research and planning.

  12. oh hell yes please! Hope I’m not too late
    Does Antarctica count as a country? It’s been #1 on my want-to-see list for ages. Why? Because Antarctica!
    If it doesn’t count, then maybe New Zealand for the hobbits, volcanoes, and glaciers. Or the UK for the pubs.

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