Dad’s 80th in Orange

Aside from just seeing family before I go away (and leaving my car with Dad so the battery won’t go flat while I’m overseas), the main purpose of the trip is celebrating Dad’s 80th.

We had the family dinner at Michael’s place and I completely forgot to take a nice group photo on the day.

I took this photo just before I left for the airport two days later and this is what I get for not checking the photo before I leave Orange🙄.

I provided oysters for the entree although I didn’t have any (blurgh).

Michael cooked a delicious pork roast with possibly his best crackling yet, although I thought the honey carrots were also a highlight.

I entertained Izaac with a game I invented called Conversation Bingo, which is where we both picked a person at the table and had to guess nine topics for a grid, first person to tick off three topics in a row was the winner. Izaac chose Mum so he won, since Dad barely said anything. I think he was too focused on the excellent food.

Izaac also enjoyed using a wine glass to pretend his soft drink was a cocktail.
Michael picked up a fancy cheese box to finish the meal.

That was three nights ago. Since then I’ve caught up with Nikki for brunch before she came back to Michael’s to pick up Izaac. Both she and Izaac kindly helped me get a bunch of ebooks onto the kindle Jess lent me.

Today I’ve been out for several walks in the rain, one with Lexi, the dog Michael is minding.

On the plus side, I walked 10km and only saw one other person.

My brother’s friend Matt lives next door and so when he goes away they leave the gate between the properties open and Lexi comes around to sleep on the chair outside the back door. She seems like a huge dog to me, probably weighing three times as much as Bonnie. She’s a lot calmer too, although she was pretty excited when the leash came out.

After being so keen to walk her I got a bit worried that, being so huge, if she suddenly lunged I’d let her go or fall over and hurt myself (I knew someone who broke their wrist walking a Labrador) but Lexi was very well behaved.

One sleep until I fly to Sydney. I know there’s no point in worrying, but I’ve heard so many stories of flights being cancelled lately I’m a bit nervous I’m going to have some kind of issue along the way. I have a 19 hour stopover in Seoul though so things would have to go fairly awry for me to miss the second half of the journey. I plan to tell everyone I meet they it’s my birthday since I won’t see anyone I know on the day!

I’m going to finish with this, somewhat bizarre sign I saw on my walk. I like to think things came to a head one day when everything happened simultaneously and the locals decided a small but detailed sign would put an end to the madness.

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