Porto to Santiago

The bus station in Porto was very well equiped, clean and organised. Public transport really is a dream in Europe compared to Australia.

We bought snacks.

Four kinds in one! I don’t think we have this in Australia, correct me if I’m wrong.

Then got on the almost empty bus (the best kind) and it turned out we had the whole back row.

Time for some crossword puzzles and three hours to enjoy the views of the countryside.

The photos don’t do it justice, the whole way was lovely and green and dotted with little Portuguese villages, rivers and sea views. Here they mostly seem to grow their grape vines on head-height trellises, which seems very sensible.

Eventually we arrived back at the Santiago bus terminal, our third time here! We have now arrived in Santiago by plane, on foot and by bus and left by train so we’re really having a modern pilgrim experience.

The apartment is nice but the security features make me a bit worried about the neighbourhood.

Peter and Ash are arriving this afternoon so we went out to get some supplies. The local bakery was doing something unusual.

Carbon bread!
Was actually delicious dipped in olive oil and salt. It did taste like carbon but … in a good way.

I just looked at the door and realised there’s another security feature.

Seems like it should be one or the other.

Looking forward to having other people to listen to Danny’s blister stories ;-).

3 thoughts on “Porto to Santiago

  1. Haha! Poor Danny!
    You should be fine if Jebus is on the door!
    The black bread I’m not too sure about- what is the texture like- just on appearance is looks like it should be crunchy and sharp which doesn’t seem appealing, but if it’s a thing, it must have redeeming qualities.

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