Farewell Dinner

This post is partly to thank Jeremy for such a fantastic farewell dinner and partly to practice inserting photos in text and experimenting with layout and coming to terms with this whole WordPress business. As Kat has observed, the ‘reply’ button is at the top of each post, so if you’re thinking ‘gosh, I’d love to tell Amanda how much I’m going to miss her!’ but you can’t find where to do it, go to the top of each entry. Voila!


On Sunday Jeremy cooked up a storm but unfortunately the turkey had been carved by the time I thought to take a photo. Still, here’s Jeremy being all Canadian and suchlike in the kitchen.

jeremy kitchen

The food was A-mazing. I ate til I was extremely full then ate two slices of pumpkin pie for dessert. I had to lie down on some cushions so my insides didn’t hurt. In fact, I still feel full almost 24 hours later.

roast dinner

Candace made the pies. They were like gingerbread mixed with pumpkin. So spicy and delicious!

pumpkin pie

There’s nothing like an extravagant dinner in one’s honour to make one feel really special. Aw!

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