Today is it! We leave for the airport at 9pm after a birthday dinner for my housemate Jess. Last minute tasks involve:
*sweeping everything I haven’t packed (that is staying behind) into some garbage bags and throwing them under the house.
*properly packing my travelpack and carry-on bag.
*buying a couple of last minute things, including some clear zip lock bags for toiletries and clothing that won’t be used til Europe.
*writing a gardening list for my friend Julian who’ll be maintaining the garden.
*taking photos of the car so that if Anth (my housemate who is taking care of it) notices any scratches he can check the pictures to see if they were there before I left.
*charging devices.
*doing the web check in and print out boarding passes.

You might be shaking your head thinking ‘Amanda! Why leave all these things til the last day?’ But if I don’t have last minute things to do I fill the time worrying about what I’ve forgotten and pacing the house.

Oh, and of course all the stuff we took camping needs to be put away. Pretty much all Luke and I talked about at the stinking hot, fly-ridden festival was how we would shortly be in a pool in Thailand drinking cocktails full of fruit.
Bring it on!

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