Bangkok, 13/3/13

We’re sitting in Bangkok airport waiting for our connecting flight to Samui. We’ve had a pretty smooth trip so far. Anth drove us to the airport and we had a short line in customs – in fact there weren’t many people in the airport at all. We decided, since we had some Australian coins on us, that we’d have a celebratory glass of sparkling wine to commemorate the beginning of our trip. Sitting down on the plane made it all seem very real and we got as excited as you can get at 1am after several nights of short sleep and a number of glasses of wine.


We flew Thai Airways and, as far as it possibly could be, it was a pretty good experience. Good food, huge selection of things to watch, many drinks being offered and we even had a spare seat in our row so, while Luke had the window seat, I got room to stretch my legs a bit. We slept for about 4 or 5 hours and right now I don’t feel too bad at all. We have a 2 hour wait before our next flight then it’s on to Koh Phangan.

6 thoughts on “Bangkok, 13/3/13

  1. It’s been two days, I’m having Amanda withdrawals, update pronto! Please? Xxx 😀 I guess I should start replying if I want updates…. I’ve added your blog into my reading folder as an icon on my phone and have checked it thrice daily! Feel special? Im using you to procrastinate! (I’ve also cleaned lamp shades, but i swear i checked you before the lamps 😉 Huzzah for spending the last of a currency!! That was one of my favorite things leaving Thailand, “I simply must spend this money, theres no point exchanging it” 😀 ps Penny and Koshka are getting along fine 😀 so long as we reassure them they’re both loved and pretty girls 😉

    • Yay! For everything;). Glad the furry ladies are getting along ok. I’m trying to update! I think the internet here is a bit slow, it doesn’t seem to want to let me do anything more than comment on things >.< I'll try again!

  2. I know i may be dusting off some old posts, but as i am slack im only just getting around to reading this now. Interestingly enough my comment about my comment is longer than my actual comment…. “When you say heaps of entertainment, enough that you could watch it every 2 weeks for a year?”

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