Photo Post. Fingers Crossed.

Please let the internet not swallow my post for the 10th time today!

In no particular order:

‘Beach Love’, where we have happy hour drinks every night before finding somewhere for dinner. That red lantern in the front created quite a bit of entertainment as we watched every dog on the beach pee on it in succession. There were other lanterns, mind, but this one was where it was at as far as the dogs were concerned.


Nothing says ‘ostentatious’ like giant gold letters on a rock.


panviman sign


Our usual table at Beach Love. I tried to speak a few words of Thai to the waiter only to discover he was from Myanmar and didn’t speak Thai. Typical!



A bit of dawn photography shennanigans. Look at me being all wistful and suchlike.





Luke enjoys a plate of delicious treats from the breakfast buffet. ‘Breakfast included’ is one of my favourite phrases ;-).




Sorry about the tiny photos, it’s on my list of Things To Learn About WordPress.

So what else have we been up to? A couple of massages, which probably doubles the number of massages I’ve had in my life. I wrote some postcards today, one of them to my dog. We’re leaving here tomorrow, which is sad because this is the lifestyle to which I’d like to become accustomed, but it’s probably a bit early for retirement and I’m keen to experience a different side to the island, something a bit livelier.

I’ll leave you with some Engrish spotted at the beach.

seen in Koh Phangan

6 thoughts on “Photo Post. Fingers Crossed.

  1. South East Asia is pretty fucking awesome huh? Enjoy it while you can and take advantage of the hour long $8 massages. I’m pretty sure I got one almost every day I was there. Even just a foot massage after a crazy day on the go is so awesome.

  2. hi Amanda It was great to read your blog.It brought back many memories of our trip to Koh Samuii. I loved it there, the people, weather and relaxing time we had. As it is cool and wet here the thought of beautiful Samuii ….ah.Looking forward to hearing more about you adventures. Glenda

  3. All looks fabulous – pretty awesome place is Thailand, Loving that sign – that was a constant source of amusement over there the “English” warning signs that just don’t quite get it right lol. What a wonderful thing to do together with the fam, and now off on your own big adventure, so jealous but loving the blog (you know me Luke). Keep on keeping on xxx

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