Mae Had

Yesterday we used the Panviman taxi to get to Mae Had, on the north west side of the island. Getting around Thailand has been very easy so far in that everyone is happy to arrange taxis or ferry tickets for us. The road between resorts, though, was pretty hairy. Half was dirt road with large potholes or big lumps of rock sticking up out of the road. There isn’t much traffic, but what there is seems to mostly consist of farang (foreigners) without helmets. After seeing friends come off their scooters in the Cook Islands years ago and discovering that travel insurance doesn’t cover you if you aren’t riding with a helmet, I’m always surprised to see people going without. I guess a lot of people don’t bother with travel insurance… in which case I’m even more surprised they don’t err on the side of caution.

We didn’t book before we got to Mae Had Beach Resort and ended up paying a bit more than the rate we’d seen on Agoda. Next time we’ll just book ahead. The resort is very nice, although not quite as fancy as the last place. After we inspected our room and marveled at the truly enormous shower head and the phone by the toilet (?!) we went for a walk along the beach. It’s nowhere near as clean here – there are bits of rubbish along the beach and slightly murky water,Β  plus lots of seaweed. The people on the beach look more like backpackers and there is a dive centre that has lots of people coming and going. We asked about snorkle hire and it’s about $2 an hour.

We walked back and had a cocktail at the hotel’s outdoor bar and chatted to the barman, who knew quite a bit of English. Then we went for a swim (according to the website it is the largest pool on the island), lay around for a bit then went back to the room. I managed to go to sleep mid afternoon and slept til about 5am – a champion effort! Totally forgot to have lunch or dinner. Possibly the first time that has ever happened.

This morning was delightfully cool, at least until the sun was on us, and we had yet another buffet breakfast. No omelettes made to order, sadly, but I did get to try dragonfruit for the first time. Very pretty as well as being quite tasty. A little like watermelon but looks like white kiwi fruit in a bright pink skin.

This morning we’re off to snorkle, apparently once you get past the seaweed there’s reef. I am not looking forward to squealing like a little girl every time the seaweed touches my legs. I can’t stand not being able to see what’s going on in the water. I’d like to claim this goes back to my childhood when I stood on a fishing hook at Budgewoi, but I fear I’m actually just a wuss. I wish I’d brought my reef walking shoes, not just for getting out to the reef but also for getting across the hot sand. No one else seems to mind but I end up leaping across it in a sad, ungainly fashion, arms flailing and muttering ‘ooh ooh ooh ooh!’ the whole way.

Anyhow, fingers crossed that today will be free of personal injury and we’ll spot some pretty fish. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Mae Had

  1. Woah! These resorts you’re staying in look incredible! One day, when I’m not on a backpacker budget, I’ll go to Asia and stay in one of these rather than a wooden shack. Living vicariously through you til I jet off!

  2. DRAGONFRUIT!!!! πŸ˜€

    I’m right there with you on hot sand and seaweed infested oceans… EW! I’d be in reef shoes and a full wetsuit and even then, be grossed out by seaweed touching me… WHO KNOWS WHAT IS IN THAT SLIMY GROSS STUFF! What if it bites me? or snakes up me… ARGH ewww I’m grossing myself out just thinking about it… I’m all about seaweed free beaches and rivers with large smooth stones to walk on in water that moves fast so there is no grossness lurking….

    It’s amazing the difference between beaches in Thailand… all the way from gorgeous to polluted and quite revolting… Makes you appreciate Australia’s “put it in the bin” campaigns throughout the 80s and 90s πŸ˜€

    I hope a seaweed monster doesn’t strangle you =/ xx

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