7 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 19 – Munich

    • We wondered the same thing! There were actually two full-sized pianos playing quite near to one another by different buskers. Amanda’s theory is that they are kept in a nearby shop or rented premises.

  1. Such a pretty city! Especially from that clock/bell tower….I think I will have to make my way there when I’m in southern Germany in September 🙂 Maybe just in time for Oktoberfest!

    • The city is CRAZY during Oktoberfest, just something to be aware of! The population of Munich is around 1.4 million people, and during Oktoberfest that swells to an insane 7 million people (since, on average, 6 million people attend Oktoberfest). If you’ve never been, and you like beer and rowdiness, Oktoberfest is certainly something to tick off the to-do list – it was a heap of fun when I went. If you just want to experience Munich, it’d be better done at a different time. But definitely do experience it if you can – it’s one of the cities we both really want to go back to on this trip because it was just so wonderful!

    • It was just lovely, although it’s hard to say how much of its charm was that it was a reasonable temperature and the sun was shining. There’s certainly a lot to see there and we didn’t get to even half of it.

    • Archer: “… Do you not?”

      The amount of tasty beer to try has certainly been one of the trip’s highlights. 😉

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