Here Comes The Planet 61 – Uganda 03

We spend some time at Lake Bunyonyi visiting the local “crazy old lady”, as well as the children at the Little Angels school, where the girls give a positively roaring rendition of “Old McDonald” and Pete looks to be right at home with all the dancing.


Yes, I am still posting videos from our trip in 2013. I have many, many more still to go, which can be a bit daunting at times, plus since so much time has passed between then and now, not as many people are watching them. So while the blog is a bit more active over the next few months, it seems like a good time to make a concerted effort to work on them. It’s my way of contributing from home! I’ll be posting them up until I depart, at which point I’ll be filming new episodes. Apologies for the jumbled chronology, but I’m sure you’ll all get by. Maybe I’ll post them up on Thursdays? #throwbackthursday! ;D

Here Comes The Planet 59 – Uganda 01

As we continue our overland trek in East Africa and cross in to Uganda, our first order of business is a highly important and very public game of mini golf which requires us to dodge quad bikes… but not before we learn about the importance of breastfeeding through the medium of dance.

Also, our truck-mate Deb gets a new ‘do courtesy of the girls.