Lake District

Driving around the Lake District is like walking a tightrope in an art gallery. Death lurks around every tight, stone-walled, sheep-strewn corner but your eyes constantly stray to the epic vistas that surround you.
Today Mum and I drove through scenery that I’m sure I’ve seen in car commercials – mossy forests, windswept valleys, past tumbling waterfalls and cottages that are literally (and I do mean literally) from a Beatrix Potter book.
To see the Lake District in any weather is to understand why authors, poets, craftsmen, and artists find the place so inspiring.

Honiston Pass.

It is countryside made for walking and criss-crossed with thousands of trails. Mum and I spotted many walkers on high ridges and every car park was full of  families in sensible clothing carrying rucksacks and walking poles.
Every track was enchantingly inviting.

Tell me you wouldn’t follow this path.

Next chance I get I’m buying an os map and some more waterproof clothing and heading out. Although possibly not in the school holidays.
I’m not done with you yet, Lake District.

14 thoughts on “Lake District

    • I did think of you yesterday, what with all the walking and photography opportunities:). Will visit that place when Luke and I come back – the website makes it look fantastic! Plus I haven’t been to a farm shop yet.

  1. Wow, that is truly magnificent. It’s for scenery like this I would travel all the way to the UK. The walking would be sublime!

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