Here Comes The Planet 23 – Ždiar

We move on to Slovakia, and the sleepy little town of Ždiar. We go walking over hills and rivers, with the snow-capped mountains a constant and fantastic backdrop. We stay at the cosy Ginger Monkey hostel, and enjoy spending time with everyone there, but especially with the hostel dog Wally! Unfortunately poor Wally gets in to some strife while we are there (be forewarned, there’s a shot of him looking pretty miserable!) but he has since recovered nicely and is already back to his rock-chasing self. 🙂

Also, I wrote the song for this episode over a few hours today. It’s rough and basic, but I kinda dig it! Enough to put it up on Soundcloud, anyway. 😉 If you’d like to listen or even download it, here’s the link:

Comments and feedback appreciated, as always. 😉 Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 23 – Ždiar

  1. soundtrack is funky… did you use any loops or is it all self composed? horns could come down a bit in the mix but otherwise i liked it

    • Cheers! It’s all loops, arranged in Soundtrack Pro then tweaked and mastered in Ableton. Haven’t had time whilst overseas to do any actual composing apart from looped backing tracks for HCTP, but it was a fun diversion and I’m happy with how it came out. 🙂 And yeah, the sax is a tad too loud.

  2. Diggin the track!! Nice work, esp for a quick ‘on-the-go’ project. Tempted to look up Wally on facebook to see how he is now, post recovery.

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