The Final Chapter in the Postcard Giveaway.

It was fun writing and sending the postcards for our giveaway and I’ll definitely do something like that again but with something more interesting than postcards. The funniest thing about the whole process was buying the stamps.

We went to the post office in Ambleside and asked if we could get Dr Who stamps, which turned out to be 50c each. Unfortunately it costs 88c to send a postcard to Australia.

So I thought we’d somehow be able to buy a 38c stamp or something similar to add to the Dr Who stamp. If I’d known I’d need FOUR OTHER STAMPS I’d have overpaid and got two Dr Who ones.

How’s this for ridiculous?

Look at the expression on the Doctors’ faces. Even they can’t believe how many stamps we ended up with. And this photo doesn’t show the ‘air mail’ sticker we had to attach to the bottom of each.

What I’m saying here is, competition winners, don’t expect anything meaningful written in the tiny amount of space left.

6 thoughts on “The Final Chapter in the Postcard Giveaway.

  1. haha! that’s hilarious! It’s so bizarre knowing that they still have 1 and 2c stamps…. and coins I’m guessing? Well done Australia for getting rid of them! 😀 I can’t wait until they get rid of 5c pieces… or at least change EVERY machine to accept the little buggars! My centre console is constantly full of 5c pieces. It’s very frustrating for someone who likes things clean. I give handfuls to the people shaking tins at the traffic lights but even after 4 tins during the Good Friday Appeal I still have some left!

    • Argh, I have a bunch sitting in my backpack, I’ll get right onto it:). If it helps I went to the Wensleydale cheese factory looking for a cheesy postcard for you but all they had was scenery! Lame;).

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