Here Comes The Planet 24 – Bratislava

We hit up Bratislava and soak up the sun and atmosphere of the May Day celebrations! Fortunately for everyone the weather was good that day, as the next day was not so great. During our rainy wanderings we discuss Bratislava and our new “discovery” of the Habsburgs.

Also, Luke continues to drink beer.

5 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 24 – Bratislava

  1. Less Luke drinking beer… More foreign dogs! 😉

    I’m checking out the Hapsburgs as we speak and many of the headings when I google are “Inbreeding and the fall of the Hapsburgs” and the like… I wonder if they are any relation of the Targaryens or the Lannisters? 😉

  2. Cool hearing you guys compare and contrast the places you’ve been to now, and comparing them to cities at home. Potentially tricky question, I know, but are you working out which places (on your trip, of course) have been your favourite to date? Can you name “the best so far”??

    • It’s a tough question – different cities have had different things going for them. If I had to choose one to live in I might go for Munich, but I’ve already got plans to return to Hoi An and Bangkok… in a few years;). Hoi An was probably one of the places that was most fun because of having clothes made and the food there was fantastic. Bangkok was pure luxury at a reasonable price plus I didn’t feel like I saw enough of it or used our time there to the maximum. Also amazing food. Actually, the food has been great everywhere, which is both a blessing and a curse!

  3. I had never heard of the hapsburgs before you posted about them, but i dont know a great deal about european history really.

    • I thought I knew a bit… but I’ve realised how very little I do know. I had planned to read some history books as I was traveling around but haven’t yet, apart from Iceland. Must get onto that before we go back to Europe!

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