Quick Update From Nairobi.

We’ve had an amazing few days since I last posted. We saw lots of animals while on safari, the balloon flight was verging on indescribable. We’ve also done a huge amount of driving from place to place and eaten a lot of dust. In fact I think we inhaled and swallowed more dust than all the festivals I’ve been to combined.  

The weather has been pretty mild, which has been great, one night when were camping on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater it was freezing cold and we had a campfire. 

We got into Nairobi late tonight thanks to trouble crossing at the border (bribes were needed!) and then horrendous traffic coming into town. Tomorrow we’re off to the Masaai Mara National Park for two nights, then back to Nairobi and the same campsite so hopefully there’ll be time to post in a little more detail and maybe even put up some photos of the lions and cheetahs and zebras and, most importantly, giraffe!

For all the parents reading this, your offspring are well, everyone who was a bit ill is over it and we’re all having a great time. We’re missing news from home though… what’s been happening?

7 thoughts on “Quick Update From Nairobi.

  1. Hey Miss Penny Black, thanks for the updates, sounds amazing, wish I was with you although I don’t know if I’d be a happy camper with all that dust. I like my Africa a little more sedate! Wonderful to hear that your trip so far has been awesome. Keep having fun and take care of each other
    Cheers Deb Parry

  2. Everyone here has been gearing up for the Samsara Launch which is tonight and you guys are going to miss, so you suck! 😛

  3. I would definitely like to see photos of the balloon flight. Sounds like you’re all having an amazing time. Continue to do so!

  4. I didn’t go to samsara launch as Lil had her baby on the 26th. His name is Jett Thomas and he’s freaking adorable. I spent the whole weekend helping her out, I’m rather tired now. Other than that uni has started back, blergh. 12 weeks to go!!!!!

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