Maasai Mara – A Quick Update.

We have just returned to Nairobi after two nights in the Maasai Mara and the highlight, for me, was the amazing photo opportunities… which I don’t feel I should go into too particularly without the photos to put alongside so you’ll just have to wait for the lion cubs and groups of cheetahs. And the leopard which was practically touching our jeep. Touching!

The downside was many more kilometres of truly excrable roads. 

We managed to get Team Toto into one jeep, which was great, and our driver John was very nice and taught me more Swahili.

Tonight we’re off to Carnivore, the restaurant where you can eat all kinds of amazing animals, and hopefully there’ll be time to post some photos too. 

Next we’re off to Rwanda and Uganda. Hopefully the roads will be better, although word is it’s raining lots that way. 

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