Photos from Africa!

Current group on the last morning of the first leg of the trip (it’s in two parts).

Our totally enormous truck. don’t call it a bus. Or else!

Team Toto on the edge of the Rift Valley.

Me feeding turtles!

Nikki swimming with the turtles!

Obligatory giraffe photo. We saw so many giraffes!

So close to the elephants in the Serengeti.

Up, up and away in our African balloon:).


Up and away!


This group of photos are some of the highlights of the last two weeks. The time has really flown, although there has been a lot of time on the road, too. I’ve been amazed at how close we’ve gotten to some of the animals. Watching two lionesses with six cubs all romping around only 10 metres away, a leopard walked right by our jeep – so close I had trouble focusing my camera at such a short range. We saw animals that our guide had never seen before – it’s almost become a joke how fortunate we’ve been on our drives.

Team Toto enjoy champagne on the Serengeti.

So close!

Playful lion cubs. So cute!

View over Ngorongoro Crater. Surprisingly cold.

11 thoughts on “Photos from Africa!

  1. Hi,
    My BFF, Joan is on this leg of your trip and she told me to check out your blog. Wonderful, great pictures. Very nice to see Joan in some of them. I look forward to reading more.

      • Thank you for responding. yes I Understand from Joan that this next part of the trip will be harder, less immensities. Good Luck and have fun.

  2. Great photos, I adore leopards but what a treat to see those lion cubs! And the African silence is broken by whir, click, click as the cameras go off!

    • Yes, I’ll have to post a photo of the horde of jeeps, it was quite ridiculous! Not as much serenity as I’d expected… but I can hardly complain since we’re part of the masses. Last time I was in Africa it was just one jeep in the whole park I was in – quite a different experience!

  3. In between parent-teacher conferences (you jelly?), catching up on your posts, and I have to say seeing Nikki swimming with turtles has made my evening! Great photos, it’s been a pleasure crawling my way up to date with your adventures 🙂

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