Here Comes The Planet 39 – Iceland 04

We go back to Jökulsárlón to see the nearby black sand beach, and then continue our travels across Iceland’s stunning landscape.

Also, here are the promised 80’s-hair-metal-band Iceland horses; none, unfortunately, which are fighting. 🙂

Music: Rafstraumur by Sigur Rós

8 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 39 – Iceland 04

      • That was wonderful! I thought I’d take this opportuonity, however, to remind you that you don’t have much longer to make le woof the sequel 😉

        • True, it may never happen! We got a fair bit of cat footage throughout Europe, but there weren’t too many dogs. Might be able to do something with all the African animals though!

  1. Love the video, those icebergs are amazing not to mention I am totally jealous as I hope to get to iceland one day… in the meantime your movies make a pretty good substitute 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying them, Sam! Iceland was a pretty amazing place and I’d definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance. 🙂

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