Leaving New Orleans

We moved to a hotel for our last night here. Our Airbnb place booking was 5 nights but we decided, through a complicated car hire mix-up, to spend one more night and then stop in the town of Natchez on our way to St Louis. We’re going to St Louis to meet up with a friend of mine (from years online, we haven’t met in person yet) named Shannon. She lives not too far from St Louis and assured us her home town wouldn’t be entertaining enough so she’s meeting us there.

On the way we’re going to follow the path of the Mississippi river, and we’ve booked our first night on the road at a very fancy place indeed – a real plantation house. Hopefully it lives up to our expectations. And hopefully we get there in one piece – we’re picking up a car from the airport tomorrow and driving on the right (wrong!) side of the road. When I say ‘we’ I mean Luke. At least to begin with.

Wish us luck!

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