Every time I see the word ‘Mississippi’ I sing that rhyme – ‘Mrs M, Mrs I, Mrs SSI Mrs SSI Mrs PPI.. MISSISSIPPI!’… I hope someone out there knows what I’m talking about or this will look mighty strange.

So we’re in Natchez, reclining in our luxurious, antique four-poster bed. This place is definitely up there with the (very) small number of other luxury places we’ve stayed in this year. Our room in the size of a squash court and people keep calling us ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’. It’s a bit unnerving.

The style to which I would like to become accustomed.


The property is an original antebellum plantation house and the town of Natchez was once home to over half the millionaires in America  – cotton was the main export and the wealth was built on slavery. These days it’s a quiet little town but still nicely kept and with over 500 mansions like this in the area (or so I’ve read).

We had an exceptional evening tonight, quite unexpectedly. We had decided to dress up for dinner (now that I actually own a dress) and go down early for a drink at the bar. We got talking to two gentlemen who were both from the south – Mark and Paul. Both lawyers who were here for a case, we ended up sitting together for dinner and having one of those nights of conversation where there’s never a dull moment and you leave feeling like you’ve had a window into another culture. They were both interested in Australia too – Paul had been to Sydney but not Melbourne and was keen to share his impressions.

We talked food, sport, cultural differences and similarities, economics, politics.. it was wonderful. Just the sort of engagement I’d been hoping to have with people here. Better yet, Paul offered to email us with some suggestions for places to eat and visit for the rest of our trip… if you’re reading this, don’t forget, Paul:).


More photos tomorrow and then it’s on to Memphis.


7 thoughts on “Mississippi

  1. The Mississippi thing was in a book of skipping and clapping rhymes I had as a child, in fact I think mum still has the book. Not sure if you read it or not.
    It’s fascinating talking to people with a completely different world view, I get snippets while talking to my patients. 🙂

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