Changing Times

Yesterday I threw a ‘welcome back’ bbq for myself and Luke. A chance to catch up with people we hadn’t seen yet and hear what everyone has been up to while we’ve been away.

The answer was fairly plain – breeding.

I’m used to kids age 5 and up, I find small children both hilarious and confusing. After I put my dog in the bedroom for a nap, telling the boys (who had been throwing the ball and chasing her for ages) that she needed a rest, I found them climbing on the stairs calling out ‘Doggy! Doggy!’  and looking for her between boxes nowhere near the bedroom. Then later the boys were digging through the esky like little hobos searching for food in a dumpster, stuffing ice cubes into their mouths like it was chocolate.

People ask ‘how was your trip?’ and we say ‘good’. How do you describe nine months of experience in a passing conversation? Really, I just want to catch up on what’s been happening since left and now it’s *almost* getting back to feeling like we’ve barely been gone. It’s funny how some people say ‘you’re back already!’ and others feel like we’ve been gone an age. Somehow it manages to feel like both. Despite social currents altering somewhat since we left I feel just as close to all my beloved friends. It’s like relaxing back into a giant beanbag, being home. Secure and comfortable and warm. Lovely!

2 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. Yes after being away for that length of time you’d find lots of things would have changed, but it must be lovely to be back at home again, rediscovering all the things you’d forgotten were there. Do you get to go back to the same school or are you going to be the new girl somewhere else?
    I’ve so enjoyed your blogs and am a teensy bit sorry that you won’t be adventuring afar, but as they say all good things must come to an end, and at least you’ll be able to adventure around Melbourne as if it’s all new!

    • It’s been so lovely getting your comments, I’m rather sad I won’t have many reasons to post… unless I repurpose the blog somehow. Our idea of traveling around Melbourne might be hampered in the short term by a shortage of funds. Le sigh! I had an idea in the car today about making a blog where I go out and meet complete strangers and buy them lunch in exchange for their life story… might not be all that practical;).
      I’m back to the same school, which is nice, but in year 5. While I’ve said lots of things have changed – really not much has;). I am super happy to be back, I love my work very, very much:).

      Do you read your blogs with a blog reader/feed type thing, or do you visit them individually?

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