Back To the Grind

I shouldn’t say that, I love my work. Well, meetings aren’t my favourite – fortunately we haven’t had many yet. And playground duty in 36 degree heat isn’t super happy fun times. But my students are pretty amazing and, of course, my workmates are the best, possibly in the whole world. And I’m not just saying that because I sent them the address for this blog.  Several times.

We had our ‘back to work’ drinks at the principal’s house and had a karoke machine as a surprise. Pretty much everyone but me sings amazingly, so the karoke was super popular and Steve made the men get up and sing ‘I’m Too Sexy’, which had us all in tears of laughter. My school is the only place I’ve ever been where a bunch of people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ actually sounds nice.

People keep asking me if I’m happy to be back and how it feels. Well, anyone who has been away from home for a long time will understand when I say that travel is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. You leave and things seem to last forever. You have life changing experiences, learn new things, and when you come home nothing much has changed and people are all doing the same things as when you left. Very quickly the whole thing fades like a dream and it’s just lucky you’ve written a very detailed blog to help you remember that anything happened at all.

5 thoughts on “Back To the Grind

  1. Yup, I had the same experience when I cam back from Costa Rica, and I don’t imagine it’ll be too different this time, though I have no house, no car and very little furniture, and my bestie has left the island, so…

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