Canada and Alaska: Leaving on a Jet Plane

It’s 5am and I’m lying in bed at the Rydges Hotel at Sydney airport. Mum is sleeping beside me and I’ve given up trying because we have to be up at 6 to pack our gear and head across the road for our 15.5 hour flight to Vancouver.

We’re off to Canada and Alaska for three weeks because Mum was watching tv three months ago and decided she wanted to see Burchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Dad didn’t want to be bossed around in a tour group for three weeks and, rather conveniently, I’ve taken this year off work – so here I am. Luke is, of course, dying with loneliness and jealousy, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

So far the trip has comprised of a blessedly incident-free flight from Melbourne to Sydney via Qantas. After the complete debacle of my last flight on Jetstar (they cancelled my flight to Sydney to go to my grandfather’s funeral and it cost me $700 to buy a replacement ticket and I got there with one minute to spare and a set of stress-induced stomach ulcers) I will never fly budget again.

Image altered with Prisma (not available on iPad) Airports – simultaneously the most exciting and boring places in the world.

The first real treat of this trip (apart from seeing Mum, of course) is that we’re flying business class. Mum was stiff and sore after coming to England in 2013 to travel around with Luke and I for a few weeks, so this time (possibly her last time as she says she feels she’s getting too old for it), we’re doing it in style. A style which I, sadly, cannot afford to become accustomed to. But that’s ok, I’ll just make the most of it this time. I’m not entirely sure what ‘making the most of it’ will entail, but I’ll try not to arrive in Canada with a hangover.

Even before the excitement of business class seats, is the new and (hopefully) thrilling experience of using the Qantas Club Lounge (note: ended up being the Air NZ lounge). Neither Mum nor myself have ever experienced a private airport lounge before, and if it doesn’t look like a quintessential English gentlemens club with leather seats, crystal decanters and a cheese trolley, well, I shall write a stern email.

Anyhow, time to brush my hair and try to make myself look like the sort of person who flies business class all the time. Wish me luck because I have no idea what I’m doing!

7 thoughts on “Canada and Alaska: Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I got upgraded to business for the melb to syd sector of my flight to the states (the part that did not matter lol). I was just wearing my daggy yoga pants and a hoody. Business lounge is way less exciting than you would expect 😉 I dream about sky beds. Actually sleeping on a 15 hr flight would be amazing.

  2. I’ve been in the business lounge several times with Kupp and on work trips, and I agree with Kat. It’s filled with people that look like they don’t belong there (just like I felt I didn’t belong there). You’ll fit right in! 😉

    In other news, commenting on my own blog is weird.

  3. Seriously, Fuck Jetstar. They are the worst. I’d fly Tiger before I booked another jetstar flight.

    I’m not sure id I’ve been in a qantas lounge, but the virgin lounge is certainly no posh gentleman’s club. There is a bar and snacks and its all complimentary, but getting a seat on a Friday afternoon is impossible. Mostly I used to like it because it was an easy/cheap way to get breakfast when I was flying for work all the time

    • Yeah, we ended up using the Air NZ lounge, which had just been refurbished but was very white and modern looking. Not many people there at 7am, either, which was nice! Jetstar is now equal, in my eyes, to Ryanair (world’s most hated airline).
      The Air Canada lounge in Vancouver was dreadful – if it didn’t have free drinks I’d have just gone and sat with all the economy people. Much disappointment! However *flying* business class was awesome. So sad I’ll not be able to afford to do it ever again;-).

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