Canada and Alaska: It’s Business Time

Business class time, that is. As you can see in the photo below, it doesn’t matter if it’s 8am, we know what to do when we get access to a first class lounge and and an unlimited bar. When we arrived at 7am and saw the bar (you can help yourself to whole bottles of champagne!) Mum said it was too early for wine… so she had a scotch, and while getting this drink met another person from our tour (Warren) who was also helping himself to the scotch and this small incident probably illustrates the nature of our tour group quite neatly. Note that by 8am it apparently was time for wine. I fear for my liver.

Many, many years ago I was upgraded to business class on an ancient JAL plane flying from London to Osaka. I think the lady at Heathrow felt sorry for me because I was six hours early and couldn’t check my bags in and go back to London to do sightseeing like I’d planned. On that plane business class was upstairs, which felt very fancy, and it turned out that there was only one other person in the whole section. The seats were wider and leather, but that was about it. The highlight of the flight was seeing a vague suggestion of the Aurora Borealis while flying over Siberia. How times have changed!

Each seat is in its own little semi-cubicle and the seats go completely flat. The tv screen is bigger than those really big iPads, and the chairs have (fairly crappy) massage functions. There is a nice menu and you can have your meal whenever you want. The food was great and the servic was excellent. There were also little snacks available whenever but I somehow ended up having my entree (below) twice as I’d asked for my meal to be served later but then got the entree anyway. I suffered through it very reluctantly, as you can imagine.

Salmon and fennel salad, green salad, sourdough roll and French champagne. Not bad!

I do have to say though, that their tv selection is nothing special. A whole bunch of Canadian shows, the obligatory ten episodes of Big Bang Theory, and movies I’m not interested in. Which is fine. I have given myself a bunch of jobs to do while I have nothing better to do – like deleting stuff from my phone and finishing my library book. Sometimes I pride myself on my packing and other times I bring a half-read library book across the world, knows I’ll finish it before I even arrive at the destination.

We left at about 10am Sydney time and will arrive two hours before we left, at about 7am Vancouver time. Which means being on a plane for 14 or so hours and having to try to get a full night’s sleep before landing, as we have to fill the whole day when we get there as our tour group meets in the evening and we can’t check in until 4. I have arranged to catch up with Steph, a Canadian friend who lived in Australia for a while some years ago. She’s going to take us somewhere for lunch and I’m going to attempt to find a phone card so I have data while we’re on the road. This is normally Luke’s purview when we travel, so I have no idea where to go but I shall rely on the kindness and advice of Canadians, which I’m sure will be accessible and plentiful.

Now to try for some sleep!

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