5 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 78 – The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show (2018)

  1. You guys covered the event beautifully!
    Luke, I think you have a future in botanical video 🙂
    I maintain my position on awards given to all things giant, and think we should also see prizes for all things tiny. Bonsai are definitely a very good example! These ones in particular were so beautifully crafted and manicured.
    I also really loved the flowers, too… and I feel like roasting vegies now!

    • Thanks! I agree that tiny miniature vegetables would be a very cool thing to see. 🙂 And the bonsais were just incredible; some were so detailed that it’s as if someone had hit the tree and the land surrounding it with a shrink ray and then put it on display. So good!

  2. I for one thoroughly enjoy giant vegetables 😀 I do wonder about what happens to them afterwards though, as I imagine they don’t have much flavour?

    The bonsai were very cool though also.

    I have some tips for chiang mai for you guys. Where’s the best place to contact you? Telegram? Email?

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