Here Comes The Planet 79 – Where to eat pizza in Naples (2018)

Being the pizza lover that he is, Luke explores some of the most renowned spots in Naples to buy a slice of the finest Neapolitan Margherita, and gets down to eating. After watching this video you will know where to go (and also maybe where not to go!).

For a more detailed description of every pizza Luke tried while in Naples, head to this entry of the blog.

4 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 79 – Where to eat pizza in Naples (2018)

  1. I’m totally craving “tangy” Napoli sauce! There’s far less basil on these pizzas than I like, but with such a rich, flavoursome (yet, not overpowering tomato base), and that perfect blend of cheese, I can begin to sorta-kinda-maybe-a-little-bit imagine that “extra” basil would be missed.

      • I think you’re absolutely right… basil tastes great and you’d miss that flavour if you didn’t have something else holding it up. But when you have the salty-sweet combo of sauce and cheese just right, that’s what becomes the flavour focus. That said, maybe they’re just being stingy on the basil because they’re so proud of their sauce? I’m all for doing more research in to finding what the perfect balance of cheese, sauce and basil might be. 😉

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