Majestic Princess Day 2 (sea day)

Our first full day aboard. We filled in the room service card the night before and were impressed by the gigantic quantity of tea and coffee delivered. We also had some fruit, a danish and yogurt.

The ‘Princess Patter’ newsletter is delivered each evening for the next day, so we ticked off a list of things to do. The first two full days of the voyage were at sea so there was plenty of time to fill. We managed to fit in:

A fruit carving demonstration.

A very interesting and informative talk on the bay of islands.

A Poi demo. No photos as I was too busy joining in:-) . While I was doing that Luke got us coffee from the ‘best’ coffee place on the ship. It was not good, but it wasn’t filter coffee. If you love coffee and you’re going on this cruise maybe bring some chocolate coated coffee beans or something because the coffee onboard is 2/10. Just don’t bother – and I’m not even a proper Melbournian coffee snob.

For our 6pm meet up I grabbed a selection of cheeses from the buffet and we enjoyed them with our drinks at the Wake View.

In the evening there was a 50s night at the piazza so Luke and I hit the dance floor. Michael took a video but I don’t think I have time to load it today. Here’s a pic of the piazza though.

Westfield vibes… but it also reminds me of the inside of a geode. The ship is so plain on the outside but the inside is like a glittering crystal.

After getting quite hot from dancing, Luke and I headed to the top deck for a spa and found one that was unoccupied. The pool level is kid-central during the day, but in the evening it was very quiet. A lovely way to end our first full day onboard!

3 thoughts on “Majestic Princess Day 2 (sea day)

  1. Amanda nice to see your out and about, how is your mum? I often reminisce about that wonderful time we had in Canada and our Alaskan cruise….

    • Hi Rosanna!
      Long time no see, lovely to hear from you! Mum and I spent a lot of time talking about the Alaska cruise, so lovely even if there was so much fog! The first few days we had in NZ were quite foggy too, we were starting to think we had a curse but fortunately it cleared up:-).
      I hope you’re well and enjoying life!
      Lots of love,

      • Nice to hear from you Amanda,
        I wasn’t sure if you would get my message.. I would rather do it on a normal email address, as I always see Penny Black.
        I often look at the Canadian photos too🥰 a lot has happened since, lucky we did that trip, without COVID. Pasquale has had back operations, tomorrow angiogram to see if he needs a stint. I have had mum in my care for a year from Griffith, (2021) and then I had to put her in care as we couldn’t do it anymore. Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson plus, such a horrible condition. So I go every second day to keep on top of things.
        Amanda do you now live in Orange? Or still your mum? Our son has bought a property in Eucarena he is trying to build a kit home but having problems In finding local tradies to do foundations, so he has to drill the holes himself and mix the cement.
        We have been planning to one day get there, with caring for mum and sorting out Pasquale now, but we’ll get out there so if that ever happens would love to catch up.
        I would like to have your Mobil no. it would be easier. Mine is 0412897152.
        Won’t bore you any longer, give my love also to your mum, from both of us.
        Hugs Rosanna

        Sent from my iPhone

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