Camino Ingles Day 6: Segueiro to…. Segueiro

I hope you’re all appreciating the fact that I haven’t posted any photos of Danny’s blisters but they, and the weather, are why we are taking today off.

We have sat ourselves in a cafe that is pretty much below last night’s accommodation and have been phoning people for chats (Luke’s parents are currently on a cruise in Germany) and watching the world’s slowest window cleaner.

He took over two hours to do these windows.

He did do an excellent job but the rate was glacial.

It’s been kind of interesting watching people come and go. The cafe has an extensive menu but mainly seems to sell bread from the front end of the counter and beer and coffee from the back half.

Hardly any cafes display their menus or even have them out on tables. Approximately half of this menu was translated into English, the other half is for locals only!

The vast amount of tiling and cold lighting in Spanish cafes make them all feel a bit cheap and basic but this place has stools and clearly is a regular haunt for many retired men. There’s a row of them at the bar with their newspapers and beers.

Half the houses here have benches out the front so I imagine that all their wives are sitting out neighbour-watching between housework while the men are in here.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This is one of the less disgusting ones. Poor Danny.

We’ve spent the rest of the day with our feet up and Danny trying to get me to look at his disgusting feet. Danny has been enjoying Ted Lasso for the first time.

The highlight of my day was saying I’d race Danny the four flights downstairs, him taking the lift and me on the stairs. The stairs circle around the lift and I hit every ‘door open’ button on the way down and could hear Danny shouting at me from the lift. I nearly died laughing by the time I got to the bottom.

For dinner we went back to the same cafe and had the same arepas as last night. When we walked in the owner and bartender gave us big smiles and right at the end I talked to a girl at the bar who told me they were all from Venezuela. They were all so lovely, if you’re ever in Sigueira I highly recommend stopping at this place, just look for the little square with the fountain on the west side of the main street.

Also we’ve generally found that the cafes that line the busiest roads are nowhere near as friendly or pleasant as going a street or two back.

In the evening, between Ted Lasso episodes, Danny booked all our travel and accommodation in Pontevedra (two nights) and Porto (three nights). After that Peter and Ash arrive and we will meet up in Santiago de Compostella and properly see the city that is the official end of the camino.

Night views from our apartment.

Ok so this morning Danny told me how much this apartment is worth. It’s on the fourth floor, there’s a lift. Here’s some photos before I tell you how much it’s worth.

Within the apartment was a second floor, the bedrooms were upstairs.

There’s a separate lounge and dining, three bedrooms and three bathrooms plus a car space and a fee of 52 euros a year for the body corporate. the town is also pretty close to an international airport.

A very central location.
Double-double glazed windows with those amazing roller blinds that you never see in Australia but are everywhere in Europe.

169,000 euros! 277K in AUD. Time to learn Spanish!

7 thoughts on “Camino Ingles Day 6: Segueiro to…. Segueiro

  1. Wait- who won?
    I’m glad you are being kind to yourselves today- you’re here to enjoy, not endure, leave that to the others!

  2. Omg the stairs vs lift race made me laugh so hard. Brilliant.

    That blister is epic – you can send me photos of the super gross ones please 😉

    Holy crap I’m moving to Spain.

  3. Wow that blister is not good. Google this advice but before we did our first Camino we watched a “what to do …” and the blister advice was to pierce the blister with a needle and thread but leave the thread in to help it drain. Hope it’s better tomorrow. Amazing apartment, enjoy your last few days. Definitely get the Compostela, adds to the memories. 🥂🍷🥾

  4. What an adventure. Amazing effort guys, particularly Danny with his epic blisters!! Am so enjoying the blog, I check my phone every morning hoping for a new instalment. Living vicariously through others at the moment but am determined my time will come xx

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