Santiago de Compostela Day 2 Part 2

So, an ongoing theme of this trip to Galicia has been me playing second string to Daniel when it comes to meeting people. Galicians seem to feel some sort of kindred-spirit connection to Ireland and Australians are as good as chopped liver in comparison.

When discussing holiday nicknames ‘Chopper’ was even suggested as an option for me but I was not keen.

Last night we turned up at 9pm to a fancy restaurant called Benedita Elisa (because 9pm is when they open. WHEN THEY OPEN!!) and they couldn’t fit us in so we went for dinner to a place that one of the patrons at the bar had suggested the previous night.

The place we ended up going to was great, the helpful waiter had lots of recommendations for Galician dishes.

Satay beef and pork ribs.
A very mild flavoured fish cake.
The chips are freshly made everywhere.

We shared all the dishes and it was very enjoyable to discuss the flavours and which were our favourites.

Afterwards we walked into the old part of town to see the cathedral by night.

The centre was largely quiet but there were a few groups of musicians around and some pilgrims walking into town. The alleyways must look almost identical now to medieval times but probably smell a lot better.

After a walk around we went home to bed where I managed to spend hours getting to sleep despite having far less alcohol than the previous night.

We were all up and about by 11am (really getting into the Spanish lifestyle now) and spent the morning getting ready for our 2pm lunch booking at Bernadita Elisa.

This restaurant was a little more upscale than the previous night and we did the same – shared plates so we got to try many things on the menu.

Calf bikini with trumpets of death (a type of mushroom). Delicious and not as dramatic as the name suggests.
Curry crispy rice with mango, sardines and roe.
Carpaccio with pine nuts.
Burrata salad

Just a few of the many dishes!

We each had such a small bite of the dishes so that we had room for dessert, which was nothing short of fabtastulous.

Ok, no more food photos, I promise.

A cross between creamy cheesecake and crème brûlée.

Good times!

One thought on “Santiago de Compostela Day 2 Part 2

  1. Heh I’m reading this post thinking Hrm maybe I don’t need to go there? They are some late hours. Not sure my body would appreciate it. Meh fancy meat food… yeah maybe I can lave Spain off the list. Then, that desert… and it’s back on the list!

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