Santiago de Compostela Day 3

First, happy Mothers Day, Mum!

The focus today has been recovering from last night’s bar and club hopping. It was a good night out but ended up being bigger than I expected.

Drinks in several squares.
There was an astonishingly loud funfair happening in a park.

We started off with drinks around town and spent a while at this place where musicians arrived and started jamming at the bar.

We took a wander around the old town and stopped at a few places, eventually getting to Bloom, where a Eurovision party was happening the following night.

Unfortunately, we only got there at 4am and it closed at 4:45. I got outside quicker than Danny, Peter and Ash. I sat for a few minutes and then ended up texting them to say I was heading home. I don’t remember the last time I was out so late and I almost felt like I was going to keel over.

I made it to bed and didn’t hear the others get in a bit later. After sleeping in until 1pm I really had no idea how I’d adjust back to normal waking hours on return to regular holiday hours.

I took a trip back to the mall in the afternoon for food and some new underwear (thrilling stuff) after having a salad in the food court. After such a big night I did wander around in a bit of a daze and I was glad to get back to the apartment and find that we’d be watching Eurovision in the apartment.

I made pizzas, we drank wine, brought blankets to the couch and are now watching the votes come in. Personally I liked the Finnish entry best but it’s not looking good for them.

Tomorrow is the flight home and finally seeing Luke, hooray!

2 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela Day 3

  1. Ohhhh – past Amanda, wasn’t she so cheery and adorable about her flight back to London. If only she knew what was to happen next…

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