Mark and Sue Arrive – It’s Another Family Reunion!

Mark and Sue arrived!

After lugging their belongings downstairs we all headed out to wander through town.

The lake was looking lovely in the sunshine.

The running festival was wrapping up and there were lots of people out enjoying the warm weather, although a few were definitely limping from the races.

We couldn’t find a place for dinner so decided on a few platters of cheese etc. Sue, Lea and I went to Booths for food while Mark, Pete and Luke went home.

Lea is coming to terms with me snapping photos all day. Sue is only just getting a taste of how annoying I am.

We came back and sat chatting for a while before assembling some food.

Truffle chips, my new favourite.

I’ve informed everyone of the plans for tomorrow (surprise, surprise, we’re walking up a hill) and now it’s just more wine and cheese before bed!