Chicago: Deep-dish pizza (Luke)

While we’re on the subject of Chicago’s deep-dish pizza, I have to point out this fantastic Jon Stewart rant that was only aired a couple of weeks prior to our arrival in Chicago. The set up is that the new World Trade Centre building in New York is officially the tallest building in the United States, taking over from Chicago’s Willis Tower. While the Chicago media had to concede this, they couldn’t do it without bringing up something that, in their opinion, they have over New York – their deep-dish pizza.

That was too much for Stewart, a die-hard New York pizza fan. This is his response. Enjoy!

Researching New York

Everyone researches their holidays but how much research you do depends on you. I have friends who swear by the ‘buy a flight then land and explore’ method of travel but the longer this year goes on the more I realise that I am much happier to know that my accommodation and all forms of travel are booked well in advance and I have a list of activities I’d like to do in each place already written down. Which is not to say that my plans are set in stone but it is undoubtedly cheaper the earlier one buys train and plane tickets and options for hotels etc are far greater if things aren’t left til the last moment. Plus I enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing nothing needs to be organised in a hurry.

Of course where you’re going can dictate how early everything needs to be organised and our next stop after the UK is New York. We found some cheap airbnb rooms (one for a week in Greenwich and one for a week in Brooklyn Heights) ages ago. Now we’re making a list of what to do while we’re there.

Seems we’ve struck gold in terms of our Greenwich booking – the Halloween parade is on the second night we’re there. Apart from that we’ve started a list of food we want to try and a few galleries but otherwise I’d love some advice. So recommendations please!