Bangkok Stopover

After an uneventful flight from Koh Samui we arrived in Bangkok and checked in at the airport Novotel, as we have a 7am flight to Hanoi tomorrow. I always check my flight information the day before I fly and so I got out my itinerary and had a look.

Le sigh.

Turns out that we aren’t flying out of Bangkok’s main airport, we’re leaving from its secondary airport, which is an hour’s drive away. This explains why the tickets were so cheap. Annoying, as it means a 4am wake-up, when I’d specifically booked this (moderately expensive) hotel so we could sleep as long as possible. Still, at least I noticed now.

After checking out a few of the hotel restaurants (everything seems so expensive… but isn’t actually more than we’d pay at home) we ordered a surprisingly delicious pizza, had a swim in the pool and settled in to do some blogging and video-processing. I’m sure there are going to be days where we will wish we had a fancy hotel room and time to laze around, but after many days on the beach I’m ready for some sightseeing. Bring on Hanoi, Hoi An and some (slightly) cooler temperatures!


The pool and swim-up bar at the Novotel. Great for long exposure shots.

Oh, one thing of note happened today, one of the staff at the hotel asked me if I spoke Thai after I greeted him and said ‘thank you’ in Thai. Ha!

One thought on “Bangkok Stopover

  1. That pool looks pretty awesome.

    Cities with multiple airports are annoying i think, as if travelling in foreign countries where you dont speak the language isnt confusing enough, it’s just one more thing to have to be conscious of when you already have so much to keep track of

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