Here Comes The Planet 15 – Bangkok 01

We arrive in Bangkok and hit the shopping malls! You will see mobile phones, camera lenses, electronics, cosplay, games, consoles, and more manga than you can shake a stick at.

Also, something I learned during the making of this episode: Amanda has never heard the Car City jingle.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 15 – Bangkok 01

  1. Wow, this reminds me so much of shopping in Tokyo! Malls, electronic gadgets galore and overpriced fruit! So, you were happy with your terabyte purchase, but was all the electric stuff their reasonably priced, or similar to that back home?

    • It didn’t seem significantly cheaper. Put it this way, I had planned to buy a digital camera there as well because I thought it would be extremely cheap. When I learned the prices of the models I was interested in, I decided it wasn’t worth it. Though to be fair, price wasn’t the only factor; I also didn’t need another device to charge and carry. But I probably would have made the purchase if the price had been too good to pass up.

      What were electronics prices like in Tokyo?

      • I found that generally stuff in Tokyo (akihabara specifically) was slightly more expensive than I could get it at home… I was looking for a usb hard drive while I was last there but after taking the exchange rate into account it didn’t seem to be worth it for something that would have Japanese instructions and warranty. I guess the thing is that Japan might be where all the design work is done, but most electronics are manufactured in china or taiwan… The Japanese ecconomy isnt doing very well so nothing there is cheap really

        The train stations are like that in Japan too, with the queues. Its great!

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