Here Comes The Planet 18 – Bangkok 04

We stay at the most lavish five-star hotel in Bangkok: Lebua at State Tower. This is the “Hangover” hotel, as part of “The Hangover 2” was shot here, particularly at the Sirocco Restaurant on the top, the 64th floor, where we also dined for Amanda’s birthday.

We didn’t shoot much footage here as we were too busy eating and drinking. 😀

You jelly? 😉

7 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 18 – Bangkok 04

  1. The suite looks wonderful but having a fear of heights I admit the initial show of the balcony made me panic a bit. You so gorgeous in that red and black dress Amanda 🙂

  2. Wow, what a contrast to the tour-missing, train-hopping, smog-viewing (but still great and adventurous… keep using that word) times you’ve had in the past! Lush as!

    • Yeah, it sure was a nice change! However it’s going to be seriously hard to beat. I’m thinking that if we have the funds a splurge in a Vegas casino at the end of the year might be the way to go out;).

  3. Hahaha pork rolls before cereal! So Amanda!! Swish hotel was swish! I’m now hungry and yep totes jelly as I ate mac n cheese for dinner!

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