Here Comes The Planet 36 – Iceland 01

Our Iceland adventures get off to a slow start as we check out some fresh hot springs around the town of Hveragerði before exploring the capital of Reykjavík. We view some modern architecture, catch a cultural comedy show, see a church straight out of Middle Earth and eat one of Iceland’s famous hot dogs.

Also, Amanda hopes that her cold will clear up so she too can be assaulted with a terrible smell.

10 thoughts on “Here Comes The Planet 36 – Iceland 01

  1. hah @ bad smells and colds… I’ve been sick for 50% of the last 2 months straight (Amanda you’d be happy you’re not being assaulted with my constant eucalyptus smells, Charmaine thinks she’s getting used to it)… I now know what it is like to live with poor sense of smell… it’s both pleasant and unnerving for me… once I actually do smell something, eg the compost, I wonder how long i’ve been breathing in bad smell for, ick! I would love to see/bathe in natural hot springs one day… but maybe I should do it when sick?

    • oh also that building is freaking gorgeous! I’m definitely going there – and I think the church looks more like something from Dr Who.. but let’s face it.. I’ve hit crazy obsessed stage right now so can relate nearly EVERYTHING to it. 😉

  2. More Iceland please, have read Amanda’s take on it and it was fascinating, it seems to be a place that divides visitors, keen to hear your take on it.

    • Thanks! The scenery will do the talking – it was stunning! Next couple of videos have more of that, so let me know what you think of those when they’re posted. 🙂

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